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Considering a Custom home or Major Renovation: Where to Start

Blog | December 11, 2020

Owning a residence that you can genuinely call home is one of the most significant life decisions you will ever make. That’s why it’s essential to have a clear direction...

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5 Tips for Designing Your Forever Home

When most people build a custom home, they usually do so with the intention of staying put for a pretty substantial amount of time, if not for the rest of...

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What to Consider for Custom Homes on Abbotsford Farms

Custom Homes, Floorplan Design | September 3, 2020

If you own a farm in Abbotsford and you are looking into building a new custom home on your land, it is worth getting some input from experienced home builders...

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Abbotsford Homes

The kitchen is a room of heavy traffic for most homes and it gets used almost every day, so why not make it an enjoyable room to be in? Whether...

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BC Box House Exterior Renovation Ideas

If you live in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, the odds are good that you are familiar with the style of home that has been dubbed “the BC box...

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Reasons to Build a Home Addition in Abbotsford

Many people think that building a new home is the only way to get a house that has the custom features and amenities that they are looking for; however, a...

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What to Consider for Chilliwack Secondary Suites

If you are planning on putting a renter’s suite in your new home or if you are planning on renovating your existing property to include a renter’s suite, it is...

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How to Build an Energy Efficient Home

Energy efficiency is an important factor of any modern construction project. Builders have a responsibility to ensure that their buildings are as energy efficient as possible and, at Stattonrock Design...

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Popular Langley Home Styles

Custom Homes, Home Designs | June 11, 2020

Whether you are redesigning the exterior of your Langley, BC home or building a new home, knowing what styles are popular and likely to last can help you to make...

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Ideas for a Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Whether you are doing a large-scale home makeover or are looking for a more isolated home improvement project, renovating your bathroom to give it a luxurious spa feeling can be...

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