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The Benefits of an Open Floorplan

Due to their welcoming, versatile nature, open floorplans have gained great popularity over the years. There are a variety of benefits to an open floorplan that make them a popular choice for custom home designs and renovations. At Stattonrock Design + Build, we have designed and built numerous homes with open floorplans and our team of experienced designers can ensure that your floorplan perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Reasons to go with an Open Floorplan

When deciding what floorplan to implement into your home design, the best option ultimately comes down to personal preference and how well the design suits your lifestyle. Open floorplans are great, but it is important to know what benefits they bring to the table. Some of the benefits of using an open floorplan include:

Letting in Natural Light

With proper window placement, an open floorplan can allow natural light to reach every corner of a home. This shared light is often blocked by walls and partitions in a regular home layout but, with an open floorplan, there are no obstructions to prevent the light from reaching the far corners of the home.

Better for Entertaining

For people that love to host, open floorplans are an excellent option. They allow traffic to flow easily from room to room while providing ample space for plenty of guests. With no walls to hinder conversation, people can easily communicate with one another from across the home.

Great for Family Life

If you are sharing the space with small children, an open floorplan will allow you to keep a closer eye on them and keep them out of trouble. When children are younger, this can be a great benefit for their safety. Communication is also improved as family members can talk to one another from different rooms.

Multifunctional Spaces

Without walls to confine spaces, the layout of the home can fluctuate for events or different stages of life. A dining room can expand to make space for a dinner party, or the living room can be enlarged by simply moving furniture around.

The Feeling of More Space

By opening up a home’s layout and giving it vaulted ceilings, it can make residents and visitors feel as though the home has more space than it actually does.

If you are interested in finding out more about the benefits of open floorplans, or if you would like to learn more about any of the services that we offer, please contact Stattonrock Design + Build at 604-624-0100 or fill out a form on our website.


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