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Design and Build Process

Articles | January 25, 2019
Building Process Fraser Valley - Stattonrock

Design & Build Process

To help your New Home Build, Addition or Renovation stay on track, we have an established process that enables us to build efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

The sooner we get involved the project the better as we find it is much more efficient to have the same company design and build the house. We can help you with evaluating potential lots or homes to renovate.

Please note that the timelines below are approximate. More complex projects can take longer and there can be variables like weather and the permit process in your municipality that can cause the process to take longer than normal.

1) Initial Consultation

At our first meeting, typically at our office, we discuss and review your project and get to know each other. We’ll discuss your needs, design ideas and overall vision. We’ll explain our process to you and can answer your building questions.

Budgets are reviewed and we discuss a comfortable range with our clients so we can make sure we are on the same page. With our innovative estimating software we are able to design a home, addition or renovation that meets our clients needs and stays within their budget. This is also where we review our Pre-Construction Agreement.

At your earliest convenience

2) Pre-Construction Agreement

Once you decide on Stattonrock as your builder, we sign an agreement that outlines the process and key dates and deadlines. The purpose of the Pre-Construction Agreement is focused on the Design and Permit Application leading to the construction phase.

Our goal is to achieve a building permit in hand in the most expedient way possible. There are many facets required to reach the completed permit phase which is are all outlined in the Pre-Construction Agreement. We carefully review and explain the steps to our clients so you have a full understanding of the process.

Once you’ve made your decision

3) Design and Layout Consultation

Our Chief Drafting Designer and Interior Designers will help you make your design decisions up-front so there aren’t any surprises down the road. Our in-house Drafting Designer will develop the preliminary drawings to determine the design and layout of your house.

Having a well-developed and planned set of drawings is key to our process. We cannot accurately estimate a budget without a finalized plan.

Once the house plans are agreed upon we start moving into finalizing your estimate and submitting your plans for reviews from other professionals (Engineers, Geotechs, Septic Design etc).

2 weeks – 6 months

4) Engineering and Project Coordination

Your preliminary drawings are sent to an engineering firm for Structural Review. During this time our project coordination team is working at gathering all the other documents required for the permit application.

2 – 8 weeks

5) Estimating & Budgets

Now that all the major design decisions are made, we can finish estimating the project and establish the budget. We’ll review the full detailed specifications and design selections with our clients.

Upon approval of the estimate, we sign a construction agreement for the next stage of the design and build process.

1 – 3 weeks

6) Interior Design Concepts

Now that we have budgets established and a Construction Agreement signed, we schedule an Interior Design Concept meeting with our clients. This is where we finalize all interior design choices such as kitchen layout, flooring, lighting, paint colours, door style and hardware.

We input the interior design details into our system correctly and review the budget again to finalize the estimate. These documented details help our project managers plan and prepare for the project.

Once you’re happy with the proposed design

7) Permits

Once we have the plans approved by an engineer, along septic design if required, plus any other required documents, we can submit permit approvals to the Fraser Valley municipality where your project will take place.

4 -12 weeks (Depending on municipality)

8) Plan Building Schedule

While waiting for the permits we begin finalizing a build schedule. Once we have the permits approved, we start scheduling sub-trades and assigning employees to your project.

1 – 2 weeks

9) Begin Building

The moment you have been waiting for arrives. Your dream home is about to become a reality!

3 – 6 months

10) Monitor Your Budget & Progress Online

Throughout your build you can monitor where your home is at in the building process and see up-to-date costs through our online, easy-to-use software.

Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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