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HN 24 | Constructing Lives of Purpose

Articles | March 4, 2019

From Frood for the Hungry –

welcoming ceremony - Stattonrock

It’s not exactly “business as usual” for a handful of companies in British Columbia. While the bulk of companies prioritize the bottom line—balancing the numbers and cutting costs to make as much money as possible—Alderidge Construction, Stattonrock Design & Build, Balzer’s Brushing, and Ferguson Moving & Storage have gone to great lengths to inject meaning into their work. They’ve built a relationship with families in the rural community of Acul in Guatemala. And there’s nothing quite like ending poverty to fill your life with purpose.

It’s the third year these businesses have partnered with the families in Acul. Owners and staff from Alderidge Construction have made trips to their partner community in Guatemala since 2016; a year later joined by  Stattonrock Design & Build. In 2018 they joined forces with Balzer Brushing and Ferguson Moving & Storage. This past October, the four companies hosted a fundraising event: Comunidad. Comunidad means “community” in Spanish, a fitting name for the event centered around building community between Canadians and Guatemalans in Acul.

Comunidad is also about business owners intentionally connecting with other local companies. Instead of just writing cheques to end poverty in Acul, the four businesses envisioned Comunidad as a way to include other local businesses with the meaning and purpose they have found through their partnership with the Guatemalan community.

The formal gala kicked off with a family-style dining experience provided by White Table Catering. As the night progressed, guests bid on silent auction prize items—ones which local businesses donated. The hilarious Cliff Prang also hosted a raucous live auction, selling off scenic flights, a jet boat tour, a skydiving experience, and other items generously given for Acul’s cause.

CBP FH Comunidad - Stattonrock

The Mennonite Jazz Committee serenades guests for the evening.

It’s uncommon for businesses in the same industry to work together without competition. Randi Dueck of Stattonrock Design & Build explains, “In our industry, you’re doing your thing, holding your cards close, keeping your secrets.” The Duecks, however, saw a broader vision for their lives and their business. For them, their partnership with Acul meant cooperating and sharing with other businesses in the industry. It also meant that their work and personal lives began to merge. Randi says, “It all became one. And because we’re self-employed, it’s our lifestyle. It needs to have God as the centre and focus.”At the end of the day, over 30 local businesses supported the Comunidad event and raised over $60,000 for Acul, easily surpassing the stretch goal of $50,000. “I was truly inspired by how these companies—so well regarded and respected here in Abbotsford—came together in their care for the Guatemalan eople.” comments Carissa Youssef, staff with FH. ”And the support from other companies in our community for the event was amazing. The entire evening showcased a spirit of generosity!”

At Alderidge Construction, business owners Mark Shatford and Erik Toews grappled with a similar desire for purpose within the company. Their organization employs several people who once had a passion to be involved in ministry who have since settled into a comfortable routine work.

Erik explains, “We have all these bible college guys. [From] CBC, Bethany, Briarcrest, Trinity Western. They thought they were going to be in ministry. How do we keep these guys excited about a job that they [didn’t plan] to be involved in?” Alderidge Construction has since been passionate about involving their employees with the mission of ending poverty in Acul.

“We wanted people to have direction and to feel like they were part of something, not just putting in a punch card,” Mark says. As a result, members of Alderidge Construction have made the annual trip to Acul in Guatemala to experience the transformation happening there.

Thanks to this faithful group of businesses, the community in Acul is well on its way from stuck to thriving. Laura Balzer from Ferguson Moving & Storage recounts her experience during a visit to Acul. Describing the FH’s women’s savings group program there, Laura says: “When they first initiate these programs, women are scared to come, they feel like they don’t have anything to offer.” But like their community, the women of Acul began to gain a sense of hope.

The Mennonite Jazz Committee - Stattonrock

FH’s community training programs have armed women with confidence and leadership skills.

Plans are in the works for the next Comunidad fundraising event, and businesses are increasingly interested in partnering with overseas communities. Transformation in Acul is ongoing.“In time, they were able to make eye contact and practice writing and reading without fear of making mistakes, and [when] we got there they were presenting to us foreigners with confidence, proud of what they’ve accomplished. We were all so emotional and proud of these women for what they were able to do for their community,” says Laura.


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