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Tiny homes have evolved to include every modern convenience and an endless range of purposes. We build tiny offices, tiny workout rooms, tiny yoga studios, tiny photo studios, tiny music rooms and tiny vacation rentals. Enjoy a new view whenever you like, or add a small space to your traditional home. Plan a retreat for others to use or customize a personal escape. If your imagination thrives in 300 square feet, we’d love to build your vision.

Tiny Homes
Wake up to everything that’s important.

A tiny homes asks “what do you really need to be happy?” A dreamy sleeping loft clad in tongue and groove pine? Spacious cabinets that give everything a perfect home? Airy ceilings for morning stretches and full-sized windows that light up every corner? Paring down means living lighter, but better. Our tiny homes promise a lifestyle without limits in a plan without compromise.

Small Spaces
Feel a world away in your backyard.

If you need a quiet place to call your own, let’s build one. Work full or part time from your impressively well-equipped office. Move your hobbies out of the basement and create a unique space to suit your needs. Give your drum kit a thoughtful new home. Your focus will thrive, your productivity will skyrocket, and your view will be the envy of every Zoom meeting.

Customization & Quality
Make every square foot your own.


Design a space that packs functionality into every beautiful corner and crevice. Incorporate technology specific to your interests and skip features you’ll never use. Need a wood burning stove and less cabinet space? No problem. Want a skylight above your bed and fewer windows around your sofa? You got it. Our on-staff designers will draft a plan that fits you perfectly.

Our standards are full-sized.


At Stattonrock, we do things the hard way if it’s the right way, and we never cut corners. We stand behind our craftsmanship and the exceptional skills of our team—for every build. Your tiny space will come backed by the same comprehensive one-year manufacturer’s warranty we give to larger projects, because we only know how to build things well.

The Models.


All of our tiny homes and small spaces can be fully customized to suit your needs, from custom furniture to a completely new layout. We have in-house designers and drafters ready to make your tiny dreams a reality.

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The FAQs

How much do they cost?

Contact us for models pricing.

Where can I park it?

Each city/town/municipality has their own unique bylaws. You can look up your local bylaws or ask at your local city hall. Some cities allow laneway housing or multiple dwellings on single titles. Rural properties sometimes rent space and campgrounds are also an option.

Can I finance my tiny space?

Our tiny homes and spaces are classified as recreational vehicles, which means they qualify for loans up to 20 years.

How soon can I get one?

In one to three months, depending on how long it takes to finalize to your design options and the complexity of the build.

How big are they?

To be certified as an RV, tiny homes and small spaces cannot be larger than 8.5ft wide or 13.5 ft tall. The length varies depending on your design. Our designs are usually around 350 square feet.

How do I move it?

A one-ton truck is usually sufficient. For some larger units, you may want to hire a commercial towing company.

Why not just buy an RV?

Our tiny homes are built like conventional homes, with high quality materials that are designed to last and feel like home. Unlike most RVs, our tiny homes are built for Canadian winters and summers, making them efficient to heat and keep cool in the summer.

What do I need for services?

The services you need will vary based on the site location as well as your build specifications. Our tiny homes require a power supply, water, gas (optional) and sewer (optional). For water, a garden hose will do. Sewer will depend on the site, whether it’s hooked up to municipal sewer or septic. You will also need a graded and level spot to park the home—preferably a concrete pad, but gravel will work just as well.

What if I want to go off the grid?

Many off-grid options are available such as composting toilets, propane heat, solar power and propane appliances.

Can I visit your office/production site?

Yes, we would love to make you a coffee and give you a tour! This is done by appointment only.

Can I insure my tiny home or small space?

Yes! You are able to get full insurance coverage for your tiny home through any large insurance provider such as Hub or Aviva. Your backyard small space can be insured through your home insurance provider.

Do you offer a warranty?

We offer a one year full manufacturers warranty on all of our tiny homes and small spaces.

Get in touch.


Let’s build something small and mighty. You’re going to love every step.

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