Custom Tiny Homes

Tiny homes are the solution for people seeking a minimalist lifestyle, a vacation house or second home on the property.

Professionally built, with apartment size appliances, you’ll be amazed at how spacious these Stattonrock tiny homes actually feel.

We’ll maximize your storage space with custom-built cabinets and customize the layout to fit your needs and lifestyle.


Manufacturer's Warranty


Built by Certified Trades

Customized to Your Needs


Designed for Your Needs

When designing a tiny house, we take into account your lifestyle and needs. Typically Stattonrock tiny homes can sleep four people in 2 king size beds and have a full kitchen. Some units have toy haulers built in for your ATVS, dirtbikes or other recreational toys. Let us know what you want and our in-house design team can create your unique tiny house.

Tiny Home: The West Coast Loft Design

The West Coast Loft Edition takes small living and makes it feel spacious and cozy at the same time. Apartment-size appliances, custom cabinets and nooks plus full-size bathroom fixtures make living comfortable and enjoyable.

The main sleeping loft is easily accessible up the storage staircase. The second loft can be used for storage, a cozy reading area or as a sleeping loft!

Our homes come with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty and is built using certified trades, giving you peace of mind that is built exceeding BC building standards. This 320 sq. ft tiny home on wheels is ready to go where life takes you!

Dimensions: 8′ x 26′
Sleeps: 4-6
Sq Ft: 320
MSRP: $94,900

Tiny Home: The Outdoor Enthusiast

The Outdoor Enthusiast model is designed for the active “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. This home features a 7′ x 7′ mud room with a separate door from the back to store you bike, skis and any other equipment you use to enjoy the great outdoors. The living area is flooded with natural light through he sliding glass door that opens up to your backyard. Enjoy coffee and a warm meal at the bar counter at the end of a exciting day in nature.

The home has everything you need for you 9-5 and to accommodate your adventurous lifesytle.

Our homes come with a 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty and is built using certified trades, giving you peace of mind that is built exceeding BC building standards. This 348 sq. ft tiny home on wheels is built to be the hub to your life’s adventures.

Dimensions: 8′ x 30′
Sleeps: 4-6
Sq Ft: 348
MSRP: $111,800

Tiny House FAQs

How much does a tiny home cost?

Each house can be customized to your needs. Our homes range from $84,000 and up.

Where can I park my tiny home?

Each city/town has their own unique bylaws. You can look up your local bylaws or ask at your local city hall. Some cities allow laneway housing or multiple dwellings on single titles. Rural properties sometimes rent space and campgrounds are also an option.

Can I finance my tiny home?

Our tiny homes are classified as recreational vehicles which means they qualify for loans up to 20 years.

How soon can I get a tiny home?

The time ranges from 3 – 12 months depending on how long it takes to finalize your design options and the complexity of the build.

Is there a warranty?

Yes, all of our tiny homes come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty. Our homes are built to regular housing standards by certified trades.

How big are your tiny homes?

To be certified as an RV, tiny homes cannot be larger than 8.5 ft wide or 13.5 ft tall. The length varies depending on your design. Our designs are usually around 300 square feet.

How do I move a tiny home?

For most tiny homes you can move them with a 1 ton truck. For some larger units, you may want to hire a commercial towing company. 

Why not just buy an RV?

Our tiny homes are built like a conventional home, with high quality materials that are built to last and feel like home. Unlike most RV’s, our tiny homes are built for Canadian winters, making them efficient to heat and keep cool in the summer.

What do I need for services?

What services you need will vary based on the site location. Our tiny homes require a 50amp power supply, water and sewer . For water, a garden hose will do, and for sewer, whether it’s hooked up to municipal sewer or septic will depend on the site. You will also need a graded and level spot to park the home, preferably a concrete pad but gravel will work just as well.

What if I want to go off grid?

Many off grid options are available such as composting toilets, propane heat, solar power, and propane appliances.

Can I customize my tiny home?

Yes! All our tiny home models can be fully customized to suit your needs, from custom furniture to a completely new layout. We have on staff designers and drafters ready to make your tiny home dreams a reality! However keep in mind that design fees will apply on top of the cost of building your tiny home