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Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

At Stattonrock we believe whole heartedly in corporate social responsibility. These are voluntary activities undertaken by our company to operate in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner. We believe that a holistic approach to business creates a healthy team culture, sustainable thriving company roots and next-level commitment to providing our clients with an elevated experience. 

About Foundry Abbotsford

Foundry is a collaborative community where youth and families can learn, grow and thrive amid life’s challenges. Local youth can get integrated care on everything from a cold to mental health. Foundry Abbotsford has a focus on prevention and early intervention with the goal of reaching young people early.

Our Ongoing Commitment

We have committed to supporting Foundry Abbotsford over the next 10 years for a total of $100,000. Foundry is a vital and transformative initiative in our community and we are honoured to walk along-side them. A community garden on-site is in the planning process and we are proud to be taking on the design and implementation of this project along with a few other local businesses. We are excited about Foundry and look forward to continued opportunities to engage and support them in the future.

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