Build a home that’s beyond your dreams.

Your new home starts as a plot of land and an idea – a hope, really. When you get your keys, it’s the end of a great journey and the start of the next chapter for you and your family’s life. Stattonrock Homes builds Custom Homes in the Fraser Valley and beyond.

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With our Co-Construct software, you have a front row seat to your build. Track your selections and the schedule any time of day. As we move through the process, you’ll be confident in each step taken. It’s how we build.

Initial Consultation

Custom Home build consultation session

Let’s meet! During our complimentary consultation, we’ll learn about you, your hopes, and your vision for your new home.

And you’ll learn about us and how we work. 

Design and Pre-construction

Pre-construction cover photo for a custom home.

Once we decide to work together, we’ll complete the pre-construction agreement.

You’ll find the benefits of working with a design + build firm start here, as the same folks who design your home will be the same that build your home. And, we’ll take care of the permitting and reporting process for you.


Building Process cover photo, framing the home.

This is the super exciting part for us! We work hard to ensure it’s as easy as possible – dare we say fun?!

Depending on the project, construction can last from 7-9 months, but once you see walls and a roof, it’s really exhilarating. 


Home ownership cover photo.

We don’t just hand you the keys and walk away. Before completion, we walk through everything and make sure it’s finished well.

We’ll teach you about all the nuts and bolts of homeownership: warranties, how to use the HVAC system, where the circuit breaker is. Then, we take your photo in front of your new home…yes, YOUR new home.  

a home style that matches your style

The type of home that you want is the type of home we can build.

Couple sitting in custom home.

Efficiency isn’t enough.

Stattonrock Homes uses science and design to build
net-zero custom homes in the Fraser Valley and beyond.


Let’s talk about your home

Book your free initial consultation today — the coffee will be here when you arrive.