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5 Home Office Design Tips For The Perfect Work-At-Home Space

Blog | October 5, 2021

Have you been working in the basement or the corner of a spare room and you’re ready to make your space the centre productivity and inspiration?

From creating harmony amongst your office furniture to welcoming an abundance of natural light, we know how to design a space that brings joy as you tackle your to-do list. Here are five things to consider to help you make the most of your home office design.

1. Think about how you want to feel in your space

Lying somewhere between architecture and interior design is spatial design. Focusing on the relationship between location and the human element, spatial design is an evolving concept that uses design strategy and psychology to improve how people feel in a space.

When looking at home office design, thoughtful spatial design allows you to flow through your room. It determines how you move from outside the office to your desk to how close your files are to where key pieces of furniture are placed.

At Stattonrock Design + Build, we can help bring harmony to your space.

2. Consider breaking the rules with the location

Backed by the concept of spatial design, choosing a location is the starting point of your home office design. And it’s a decision based on personal preference and your work.

Do you want to escape and separate your work from your personal life? Perhaps an out-of-the-way office upstairs is best suited to your needs. Do you often meet with clients at home? Then an accessible, main-floor space will make it easier for you and your client to connect. We can help you find the perfect location for your new office.

3. Build a desk for your space, not a space for your desk

You’re working from home, and you may need a desk, bookshelf, filing cabinet, additional table space, and room to add personal touches. You bring everything into your office, add accents like plush pillows and meaningful décor, and suddenly, there’s no room left to maneuver.

What if there was a way to add more floor space while maintaining everything you need at an arm’s reach? And what if that same solution gave you the chance to organize up rather than out? That’s where built-in desks and shelving come into play.

With in-house millwrights and designers, our team at Stattonrock Design + Build can craft a built-in desk or bookcase for your home office design that matches your style and fits your room no matter how big or how small.

4. Add a splash of colour

Do you wish your space felt more open? A white theme with splashes of colour can help expand a small office. Do you want to get more done in the day? According to a University of Texas study, your colour scheme should be blue or blue and green.

From traditional feng shui practices to modern design sensibilities, colour has a profound impact on the aesthetic and atmosphere of your space. Your preference, colour tone, and the type of work you do all impact the palette for your home office design.

5. Let in the light

Speaking of light, exposure to more natural light throughout the workday boosts your vitamin D. Plus, working in a bright, naturally-lit environment reduces the risk of seasonal depression.

If possible, place your office and desk in a well-lit area to avoid the need for harmful overhead lighting. If window lighting isn’t available, our team at Stattonrock can design and implement healthy light for your new space.

BONUS TIP: Restart with a custom renovation

From spatial design to built-ins and colour, there are a lot of factors that contribute to a personalized workspace.

The best way to make your space work for you is to start from scratch. Our team of builders, designers, and in-house trades are here to help.


Are you ready to create your dream home office design? At Stattonrock Design + Build, our process gives you the chance to steer your vision. Let’s build an office that works for you. Reach out for a no-obligation consult today.


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