July 4, 2024

Once again…it’s gutter cleaning season 🍂

Dan and Bear are back with another “Ask Your Builder” question!


Dan and Bear are back with our new “Ask Your Builder” series! CLICK HERE to hear Dan’s answer to “Our family is growing and we need more space…where do we start?”⁠

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home tips

What’s a chore we all know we should do… but usually put off until next year? It’s gutter cleaning season! We need to check our gutters every spring, taking out the old leaves and make sure they are draining properly! The water should always drain away from the foundation in order to prevent seepage, keeping your home safe and dry for years to come.

build process

We recently started working on an exciting custom home in North Vancouver! Delivery day is always a good day and this week it meant we started on some framing! Check out our Instagram page for more frequent updates.