Exterior of a modular home.

Modular Homes

Simply Living by Stattonrock Homes builds Modular Homes (CERTIFIED CSA Z240MH & A277)in Canada.

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Prices starting at C$124,998.

Manufactured and Modular Homes

Manufactured homes are a popular and affordable housing option for many people and are known by many different names including Modular, ADU’s (accessory dwelling units) and many more. Our homes are built in a factory and then transported to a site where they are permanently placed on either a crawl space or foundation, piers or screw piles, even on top of a garage as a coach house! And with a Modular Coach House coming in at approximately 25% less than traditional building methods, we can offer you more, for less. 

There are several benefits to choosing a manufactured home over a traditional site-built home:

  • Lower cost. Because we build in a controlled factory setting, we can build more efficiently and at a lower cost than traditional homes.
  • Quicker timelines! Once we get the permit to build your home, we start building at the same time as we prepare the site – potentially cutting the timeline in half!
  • In addition to the upfront lower cost, and quicker timelines, our homes are less expensive to maintain. We build our homes with durable, long lasting materials that are designed to withstand transportation and weathering, which means they require less maintenance and repair over time.
  • Think all manufactured homes look the same? Not ours! Our manufactured homes can look like conventionally built homes, with some finishing completed on-site to cover connection points for a streamlined finish.
  • The future of homebuilding is here!

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